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Civilian helicopter units
Air America Home Page


U.S. Army helicopter units 
Aloha Airlines HHC 3/25 Inf Div and HHC 3/4 Inf Div
Americal Division Under the Southern Cross
DMZ DUSTOFF 237th Medical Detachment (Helicopter Ambulance)
Vietnam Dustoff Association 
1ST Aviation Bde
HHC 1st Aviation Brigade
HHC 3rd Brigade 25th Infantry Division Aloha Airlines
Redesignated 1 August 1967 to HHC 3rd Brigade 4th Infantry Division
12th Combat Aviation Group
1st CAV Div Armed Falcons
1st Brigade - 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile) Flying Circus
1st Aviation Detachment 1st CAV Guns-A-Go-Go
1st Infantry Division The Big Red One
4th Infantry Division Aviation 
HHC 1st Brigade 5th Infantry Division Aviation Detachment Batman
Bullwhip Squadron Association 1st Squadron 9th Cavalry, 1st Air Cavalry Division
Casper Aviation Platoon Headquarters & Headquarters Company - 173d Airborne Brigade (Sep)
A Troop 1/9th Cav The Headhunters
B Troop 1/9th Cav 
C Troop 1/9th Cav 1 Cav Div
HHT 2/17th Cav Headquarters & Headquarters Troop 2nd Squadron / 17th Cavalry 101st Airborne Division
A Troop 2/17th Cav Assault
B Troop 2/17th Air Cav. Banshee
C Troop 2/17th Air Cav 101st Airborne Division Condors
A Troop 3/17th Cav Silver Spurs
Additional site A Troop 3/17th Cav Silver Spurs
C Troop 3/17th Cav
additional site for C Troop 3/17th Cav
3/17th Cav Association
7th Squardron 17th Cavalry Regiment (Air). Ruthless Riders
Additional site 7th Squadron, 17th Cavalry Regiment (Air) Ruthless Riders
B Troop 7/17th Cav. Ruthless Riders
A Battery 4th Battalion 77th Field Artillery (Aerial Rocket) 101st Airborne Division (Airmobile) Dragons
A Company 101st Aviation Comancheros
B Company 101st Aviation Kingsmen
C Company 101st Aviation and 188th AHC  Black Widows and Spiders
D Company 101st Aviation Hawks
B Company 123rd Aviation Battalion Warlords
A Company 158th Combat Aviation Battalion 101st Airborne Division Ghost Riders
B Company 158th Combat Aviation Battalion 101st Airborne Division Lancer
C Company 158th Combat Aviation Battalion 101st Airborne Division Phoenix
B Company 159th Combat Aviation Battalion 101st Airborne Division Varsity
A Company 227th Aviation 1st Cavalry Division Chickenman
B Company 227th Aviation 1st Cavalry Division
C Company 227th AHB 1st Cav 1966-67
D Company 227th AHB 1st Cav
229th Assault Helicopter Battalion Winged Assault
D Company 229th Aviation 1st Cavalry Division Smiling Tigers Association
D Troop 1st Squadron 10th Cavalry Shamrock
D Troop 1st Squadron 1st Air Cavalry 101st Airborne
D Troop (AIR) 1st Squadron 4th Cavalry 1st Infantry Division Darkhorse
Centaurs in Vietnam D Troop (AIR) 3rd Squadron 4th Cavalry 25th Infantry Division and F Troop (AIR) 4th Cavalry
D Troop 3/5th Cav
additional site for D Troop 3/5th Cav
E/82nd Artillery 1st Cav Div
F Troop (AIR) 4th Cavalry Centaur
Alternative site F Trp 8th Cav Blueghost
Alternative site F Trp 8th Cav Blueghost
H 10th Cav.
A/377 ARTY 101 ABN contact Jason Miller
2nd Signal Group Aviation Detachment 1971
2/20 ARA 1 CAV & F/79 CAV & 4/77 ARA & E82 (All ARA and AFA units)
8th Transportation Company
11th Armored Cavalry Regiment Aviation
14th Transportation Battalion (AM&S) (GS) The Reliables
15th Medical Battalion MEDEVAC
25th Aviation Battalion Little Bears and Diamondheads
31st Transportation (CH-34) Company and 138th Transportation Detachment
48th Assault Helicopter Company Bluestars and Jokers
52nd and 119th Camp Holloway
52nd Combat Aviation Battalion Flying Dragons
57th Assault Helicopter Company Gladiators and Cougar 
alternate site 57th Assault Helicopter Company
62nd Corps Aviation Company Royal Coachman
61st Assault Helicopter Company Lucky Stars and StarBlazers
68th Assault Helicopter Company Top Tigers and Mustangs
Additional site 68th Assault Helicopter Company
71st Assault Helicopter Company Rattler and Firebirds
82nd Medical Detachment DUSTOFF
92nd Assault Helicopter Company Stallions and Sidekicks
101st Airborne Division Association Screaming Eagles
114th Aviation Company Knights of the Air
116th Assault Helicopter Company Stingers and Hornets (need new link please)
117th Assault Helicopter Company Beachbum
Additional site 117th Assault Helicopter Company Beachbum  
118th Assault Helicopter Company Thunderbirds and Bandits
119th Assault Helicopter Company Gators and Crocs
120th Aviation Company Home of the Deans
121st Assault Helicopter Company Vikings and Tigers
128th Assault Helicopter Company Tomahawk and Gunslingers 
additional site http://airwarvietnam.com/128ahc.htm
129th Assault Helicopter Company Bulldogs and Cobras
132nd Assault Support Helicopter Company Hercules 
134th Assault Helicopter Company Demons and Devils  
135th Assault Helicopter Company EMUs and Taipans
additional site EMU Inc. Preserving the History of the 135th AHC
145th Combat Aviation Battalion First in Vietnam
147th Assault Support Helicopter Company Hillclimbers
155th Assault Helicopter Company Falcons & Stagecoach
161th Assault Helicopter Company 
162nd Assault Helicopter Company or 162nd AHC Forum Copperheads & Vultures.  Video of 162 AHC (45 min) 1966-1972.
163rd Aviation Company 101st Airborne Division
165-HMM (Helicopters, Marine Medium (Squadron)-165)White Knights
170th Assault Helicopter Company Bikinis and Buccaneers
173rd Assault Helicopter Company Robin Hoods and Crossbows
174th Assault Helicopter Company Dolphins and Sharks
175th Assault Helicopter Company Outlaws & Mavericks
additional site 175th Assault Helicopter Company Mavericks  

175th pictures from Frank Effenberger
176th Assault Helicopter Company Minuteman/Muskets
178th ASHCThe Boxcars
179th ASHC Shrimpboats
180th Assault Support Helicopter Company Big Windy
187th Assault Helicopter Company Crusaders
188th AHC and C/101 Black Widows and Spiders
189th Assault Helicopter Company Ghost Riders and Avengers
190th Assault Helicopter Company Spartans and Gladiators
191st Assault Helicopter Company Boomerangs and Bounty Hunters
192nd Assault Helicopter Company Redux Tigersharks and Polecats
195th Assault Helicopter Company  Sky Chief, Ghost Riders, Sky Pilots and Thunder Chickens
200th Assault Support Helicopter Company Pachyderms
205th Aviation Company Geronimos
213th Assault Support Helicopter Company Blackcats
227th Assault Helicopter Battalion 1st CAV
228th ASHB and Guns-A-Go-Go Winged Warrior 
238th Aerial Weapons Company - Gunrunners
240th Assault Helicopter Company Greyhounds, Maddogs and Kennel Keepers
Additional site LZ of the 240th AHC
242nd Assault Support Helicopter Company Muleskinners 
Additional site 242 ASHC Muleskinners
243rd Assault Support Helicopter Company Freight Train
272nd Aviation Company Varsity
281st Assault Helicopter Company Intruders, Rat Pack, Bandits, Wolf Pack
Additional 281st Assault Helicopter Company site
282nd Assault Helicopter Company Blackcat
Additional 282nd Assault Helicopter Company site
334th Aerial Weapons Company Playboys, Saber
335th Assault Helicopter Company (A/82 in 1965) Cowboys, Falcons and Caspers
336th Assault Helicopter Company Warriors and T-Birds
339th Transportation Company (DS) Always in good hands
361st Aerial Weapons Company Pink Panthers
362nd Aviation Company Fly United The Last Chinook Unit in Viet Nam
498th Medical Company (Air Ambulance) Dustoff
610th Transportation Company (AM) (GS) Fast and Sure 1966-1972 


U.S. Marine Corps helicopter units
A Chronology of Marine Helicopters in Vietnam from Pop-A-Smoke
USMC VMO-2 Deadlock, Hostage, Cowpoke
USMC VMO-3, HML-367, HMLA-367 Oakgate, Scarface, Eagle Claw, Cyclone
USMC VMO-6, Photo Album Klondike
HMM-165 White Knights
HMR, HMM, HMH-361 The Flying Tigers
HMM-362 Ugly Angels (first USMC helicopter unit in and out of Vietnam)
U.S. Navy helicopter units
HA(L)-3 Seawolves
Seadevils of Helicopter Combat Support Squadron Seven (HC-7)
Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron 6 (HS-6) made WESTAC deployments in 1966 and 1967-8 on the carrier USS Kearsarge and provided Combat Search and Rescue in the Gulf of Tonkin prior to the establishment of Combat Support Squadron 7 (HC-7).
Combat SAR operations
U.S. Air Force helicopter units
USAF Crash Rescue HH-43 Pedro
USAF Rotorheads
South Vietnam helicopter units
VNAF (Viet Nam Air Force) was the air force of the Republic of South Vietnam.

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