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2023 VHPA Membership Directory

Keeping with the VHPA’s tradition that the History Section’s theme becomes the theme for that year’s Membership Directory, the 2023 Membership Directory (D2023) will be a history of U.S. Air Force helicopters in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War (1961 thru 1975). We will use the Air Force’s iconic decal as the symbol of our publication.

Air Force Decal Symbol

Each chapter in the History Section will be presented in chronological order. Thus, by way of example, the first HH-43 deployed to Thailand in March 1964 and the last Huskie left Indochina on 20 September 1975. The primary source material for this publication will be first person accounts from Southeast Asian U.S. Air Force helicopter veterans (not just pilots).

Should you wish to recommend material and/or contribute an Oral History, please contact the Directory Editor, Mike Law, 830-730-0950 or The deadline for submissions is 31 July 2023.

Besides an Introduction chapter, we envision five detailed chapters covering these areas:

Chapter I

U.S. Air Force Advisors to VNAF Helicopter Squadrons and other Helicopter related activities such as schools, maintenance, etc.

Chapter II

U.S. Air Force search-and-rescue helicopter units equipped with HH-43 aircraft.

Chapter III

U.S. Air Force special operations helicopter units equipped with CH-3 and HH-3 aircraft.

Chapter IV

U.S. Air Force 20th Special Operations Squadron equipped with UH-1F, UH-1P and UH-1N aircraft.

Chapter V

U.S. Air Force helicopter units equipped with CH-53 and HH-53 aircraft.

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