HELP for Vietnam Helicopter History CD

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HELP for the Vietnam Helicopter History CD-ROM

This CD has been upgraded with new data and to work with the Vista operating system up through Windows 11.  The previous version no longer works.  The newer version has a copyright of 2000 - 2008.

Old version on the left and newer version on the right.

These instructions are based on using Windows 10 which is currently the most common operating system in use.  Please note that the search feature will not work on Apple/McIntosh computers.

1.  Insert the CD in the CD drive:  This image will pop up in the lower right corner.

2.  Click on the image to activate the CD.

3.  This image will pop up in the upper right corner: 

4.  Click on Run VHPA.exe.  This will open the main menu shown below.  The first three buttons on the left operate completely from the CD so does not need anything installed on your hard drive for them to work.  Just follow the prompts to use this portion of the CD.  Clicking on the fourth button (Install Search) brings up the menu on the right below.  This is the second part of the CD that needs to be installed on your hard drive in order to use the fifth (Search Databases) button.


5.  Click on the Install button to install the program on your hard drive.  Click Yes to answer the popup question about allowing the file setup.exe to run.  Follow the Install Shield prompts through Finish.

6.  In the search box in the bottom left corner of your screen, type start, then on the app popup click Run which brings up the following in the bottom left corner.  Type in c:\vhpadir\vhpacd.exe and then click okay or just click on the link.  See below:

   Click OK to open the search menu below:

7.  If your CD drive has a different letter designation, change D to the new letter then hit enter.  This brings up the search menu:

Enter the two letters for each search and follow the prompts.  The search result is located at c:\vhpadir\temp.htm  Each new search overwrites this file so if you want to save the result, please rename the file before doing the next search.  If your browser does not automatically open, just click on c:\vhpadir\temp.htm to open the search result.  Close the browser after each search as a new window will be opened each time you do a search.  To end the search program, input XX then X again.

Please note:  The search feature does not work on Apple (McIntosh) computers.

 Questions or problems, contact Gary Roush.


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